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1st mini album 『色なき空と、あをい月』

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2005年制作。 ----------------------------------------------- 収録曲 ・はく ・白緑 ・蜉蝣 ・パズル ・ショウキュウシ ・りょく ・森模様♪ ----------------------------------------------- Hacoさんからのコメント 21世紀の天空から浄き雨をふらす精霊の名、それは『ばきりノす』。 ガキとラスの2声のアカペラだけで勝うそのその潔さと美しさ。 涙がでそうででない、失われた遠くの記憶をよびおこすかのやう。 彼女たちの唄はいつかノりうつり、森羅万象の夢をみせることでしゃう。 Haco ----------------------------------------------- first mini album (2005.11) " IRONAKISORA,TO,AOITUKI (The sky which doesn't have a color.And the moon to be blue.)" TOKA-002 ¥1,200 1,HAKU 2,SHIROMIDORI 3,KAGEROU 4,Puzzle 5,SYOUKYUUSHI 6,RYOKU 7,MORIMOYOU Haco's Comment It is "BAKIRI NO SU, that the name of the spirit which makes purely rain fall from the sky in the 21th century. The pureness and the beauty to play with only two pieces of a cap pel la of Ras and GAKI. Tears seem to flow and don't flow. It seems to evoke lost far away memory. Their song will be to show you the dream of all things in nature, being all too soon transferred to you. Their song being all to soon transferred to you and will be to show you the dream of all things in nature.  by Haco

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